In the past month, we have witnessed highly united synergy of the CircleSwap platform forged by our community, and we genuinely appreciate every piece of feedback from you all. The airdrop date promised on Jan 30th is around the corner, and below is the airdrop detail.

Total amount CIR to airdrop: 100,000 CIR

Airdrop date: Jan 30th 2021

Qualified participants: All valid addresses before the snapshot time — 00:00 Jan 27th, 2021 (UTC+8).

Definition of valid address in CircleSwap: A valid address is an address that follows the invite link shared by CircleSwap official or ecology user, and successfully registers…

1. Connect MetaMask to CircleSwap

2. Deposit HT in the form of HRC20 from Huobi to your address connected to MetaMask

3. Swap HT to CIR on CircleSwap

4. Provide liquidity to CIR/HT pair

5. Join an NCircle

6. Create or join an ECircle

7. Join liquidity provision mining

1. Connect MetaMask to CircleSwap

* Follow the link to download the MetaMask app into your Chrome browser.

* Add HECO main net to your MetaMask

- You will see ‘Ethereum main net’ as default network when you click on MetaMask network. …

  1. What is Circle?

The conception of Circle recently becomes popular among blockchainers owing to the on-lining of CirclesUBI. Two giants spoke highly of the project and they are Vitalik of Ethereum and Hayden Adams of Uniswap. CirclesUBI, an influence-based asset exchange system, strives to distribute monetary value to equalize wealth in/between circles, functions like a universally accessible vault for wealth minting and allows all participants to issue crypto-asset for their own circle.

2.What is CircleSwap?

CircleSwap is a decentralized crypto-asset trading and management platform that integrates Circle, a group of like-minds and Swap, decentralized trading, enabling share of trust and…

Two weeks before we say HI to 2021, the global blockchain market has witnessed rapid development on project commercialization and value increase with Bitcoin reaching a historical high of $23,000.

Market expansion marches forward together with underlying architect solidification where we have experienced the development of DeFi who has shown us infinite possibilities of higher scalability of future blockchain in the year of 2020.

Before we close the year which is full of stories, we today announces the launch of the first blockchain-powered light networking DeFi protocol CircleSwap.

What is CircleSwap?

The concept of Circle recently becomes popular among blockchainers…


The world’s first social-light DeFi protocol focused UBI system.

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