CircleSwap the first blockchain-powered light networking DeFi protocol

4 min readDec 19, 2020


Two weeks before we say HI to 2021, the global blockchain market has witnessed rapid development on project commercialization and value increase with Bitcoin reaching a historical high of $23,000.

Market expansion marches forward together with underlying architect solidification where we have experienced the development of DeFi who has shown us infinite possibilities of higher scalability of future blockchain in the year of 2020.

Before we close the year which is full of stories, we today announces the launch of the first blockchain-powered light networking DeFi protocol CircleSwap.

What is CircleSwap?

The concept of Circle recently becomes popular among blockchainers owing to the on-lining of CirclesUBI. Two giants spoke highly of the project, Vitalik of Ethereum and Hayden Adams of Uniswap. CirclesUBI, an influence-based asset exchange system, strives to distribute monetary value to equalize wealth in/between circles, functions like a universally accessible vault for wealth minting and allows all participants to issue crypto-asset for their own circle.

CircleSwap is a decentralized crypto-asset trading and management platform that integrates Circle, a group of like-minds and Swap, decentralized trading, enabling share of trust and benefits on the basis of transfer in/between individualized crypto-asset. CircleSwap features a rich array of financial derivatives including liquidity mining, banking and crypto-asset hedging.

CircleSwap stands at the heart of DeFi and combines the UBI’s philosophy of circling and influence-quantization/commercialization. At CircleSwap, Circle means the range of personal influence and energy scope, and other infinite possibilities hence curated.

Build your own circle and add value to your influence

CircleSwap believes that on the basis of Six Degrees of Separation, everyone has their own unique influence so as to create a credible ecological benefit sharing autonomy circle with everyone as the core extending to the scope of each individual’s influence.

On CircleSwap platform, everyone is able to create their own Circle or join any Circle, and enjoy the rewards brought by. Circle has two types of unique circles, Native Circle abbreviated as NCircle and Evolutionary Circle abbreviated as ECircle. Both Circle will develop actively to realize governance and income distribution of future CircleSwap, and they will play a key role in obtaining platform airdrop, liquidity mining, Swap mining and UBI rewards for all participants.

Everyone has their own unique influence and hence it leads to

1.Open: Everyone can create and join ‘Circle’;

2.Inclusive: Support non-LPT mining;

3.Sharing: Creating and joining a Circle presents exclusive superposition benefits to participants;

4.Social: Everyone can create Circle to realize their influence into crypto-asset;

5.Autonomous: All Circle can participate in the platform governance;

6.Multi-dimensional: Everyone can magnify their influence via ‘NCircle’ and ‘ECircle’.

CIR token in CircleSwap — quantify your influence

CircleSwap has the token ticker as CIR and a total amount of 1,010,000 CIR for user to participate in NCircle and ECircle, and it is distributed as follows:

*100,000CIR for airdrop(NCircle);

*900,000CIR minted (450,000 for liquidity mining and 450,000 for Swap mining);

*10,000CIR for initial platform liquidity support.

CircleSwap Fee Structure

CircleSwap platform transaction fee is 0.35%, of which 0.2% will be rewarded to liquidity providers, and the remaining 0.15% will be rewarded to all users who create and join ECircle in the UBI1.0 stage (specific rules will be announced before UBI1.0 goes online).

Current development stage of CircleSwap

CircleSwap core development team is composed of senior engineers of traditional Internet and blockchain, with rich experience in finance, cryptography, smart contract, underlying transaction protocol and so on. On financial transactions, CircleSwap improves transaction speed and efficiency, reduce transaction loss and cost through offline price data sourcing. The unique risk control system and smart contract security framework provide dual protection for user trading.

As the first milestone, CircleSwap will be deployed on the Huobi ECO Chain (Heco Chain), and later on other public chains.

CircleSwap Prospect

CircleSwap envisions an integrated ecology of networking and DeFi; provides a new influence-based economic paradigm that attracts new Circle curators and participants; launches a rich product portfolio containing loans, multi-farming pools, Circle NFT trading, etc.; a blockchain-powered social media platform; DAO governance platforms and Circle-oriented UBI plans. From individual influence to that of a Circle’s, CircleSwap hopes to facilitate smoother value exchange in the influence-based economics system.

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The world’s first social-light DeFi protocol focused UBI system.